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My Bands and Music

I've had the luck and pleasure of playing and recording with many bands, countless musicians, and putting out a few albums of my own.  While this isn't the complete list of everything I've recorded, it's certainly the projects I've been most dedicated to.  Here are my 4 main albums I helped write and produce.

"You sound like..."

The inevitable phrase a musician hears over and over again.  I used to shun it, now I embrace it.  It's simply how humans understand things, through comparison.  But rather than fill in the blanks for you, I'll simply give you a list of artists that I've enjoyed covering or just listening to (in no particular order other than how my memory sorts it).

Bob Dylan

Los Lobos

Tom Waits

Johnny Cash

Eric Clapton

The Band

Lyle Lovett

John Prine

Jeff Beck


John Hiatt


Gillian Welch


Freedy Johnson

Albert King

Martin Sexton

Frank Zappa

Emmylou Harris

Albert King

Tim Gearan

Mark Erelli

Nick Lowe

Rolling Stones

Steely Dan

Little Feat


Elvis Costello

Dennis Brennan

Steve Earle

Randy Newman


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